Brand logo for Nulon Honey Bee. Packaging design company - Flipflop Design

Nulon Honey Bee


Nulon approached us to create a new brand identity and packaging for their new beauty line, Honey Bee. The products are made from pure honey extract, and are completely chemical free.


With honey at the centre of the product line, and bees being such a hot topic in ethical circles at the moment, we knew we needed to build the brand around its natural roots. General sustainability was also an important area to explore, contrasting the Nulon products from all the synthetic alternatives produced by traditional beauty companies.

3 tubes for Nulon Honey Bee. Packaging design company - Flipflop Design
Crop shot of Nulon Honey Bee hand cream tubes. Packaging design company - Flipflop Design


Bees formed the basis of the whole branding. The unique logo features an illustration of a hive, housed in a clean hexagon shape. That sits over a vibrant yellow geometric pattern, which also reinforces the feel of a natural, abundant honeycomb.

For secondary accents to represent the three individual flavours, we chose similarly warm colours to give the feel of late summer and harvest season. The result is packaging that feels small-batch and hand-crafted with love, but that still has a really unique stand-out look on the shelf.

Nulon Honey Bee Brand asset '100% Natural'. Packaging design company - Flipflop Design


The Honey Bee range launched into stores with a real buzz. Nulon have clearly found a real sweet-spot with consumers, because to date the response has been very positive. Plans are already afoot to launch a new range of gift sets in the near future.

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