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Milly & Molly


We were approached by Mike & Molly – a premium canine lifestyle brand based in Windsor – to help them take the lead in the category with a new brand identity and packaging design.


Milly & Molly was borne out of a sheer love of animals, so we knew that that passion needed to shine through everything we did for them. They believe that dogs have the right to just as high a level of service as people, so they also needed that premium look that would underline their credentials within the category. Finally, just as every dog owner knows, personality is of utmost importance, so whatever we created had to feel alive and wagging.

Brand identity design. New brand logo for MILLY & MOLLY - Flipflop Design
Branded paper bag. MILLY & MOLLY - Flipflop Design Agency


We worked closely with the team at Milly & Molly to craft something they could be proud of. We started with the brand strapline, choosing ‘For the unruffled hound’ because of the way it connects with the audience; it was something that would draw a wry, knowing smile from any dog owner who knows the kind of daily scrapes dogs can get into.

Next we set about creating our cover star. We chose a Parson Russell Terrier to represent all those lovely warm family values of dog ownership, and redrew her with layered textures to really capture that shaggy – but unruffled – coat.

We selected a nice, clean serif font to reinforce the brand’s top-end boutique credentials, and chose a nice vivid red to add warmth to the logo lock-up.

This identity then bounded out across all Milly & Molly’s range of luxury dog toys, accessories and bags, as well as their stationary and other heraldry.

Identity design.Brand logo on the letterheads. MILLY & MOLLY - Flipflop Design Ltd.


Our rebrand proved that every dog has its day, with customers starting to flock to Milly & Molly over their average local pet store in order to give their best friend a real treat.

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