Packaging Design for Heathcote & Ivory's Xmas Beauty Gift range. Image shows three gifts lined up on dark background. Created by Packaging Design Agency Flipflop Design Ltd.

Heathcote & Ivory


Heathcote & Ivory are a quintessentially English toiletry and home fragrance company, who came to us ahead of their 2016 Christmas campaign with a brief to design the packaging for their Enchanted Walk collection.


With Christmas approaching, we knew that it t’was the season for luxurious gifts, and wanted to celebrate the fantastical qualities of the brand. We took inspiration from products themselves to develop an approach that was magical, yet whimsical, and captured the sense of wonder and mystery within. We felt this would give it a real unique look within toiletries packaging design.

Packaging Design for Heathcote & Ivory Xmas gifts. Image shows fully illustrated rigid carton with tube of shower cream to the left
Packaging Design for Heathcote & Ivory Xmas Gifts Range. Image show close up shot of the body lotion tube.


The products themselves are complex, heady pairings of floral, fruity notes with big, vivid baselines. The experience is akin to discovering a secret garden, curated just for you. We wanted to draw on this for our packaging designs, to really evoke this romantic utopia at point of purchase. We layered delicate illustrations, line drawings, patterns, textures and script to create lost notes from this exotic, foreign land. Peacocks wander free amongst the flowers, while butterflies flit majestically. Subtle details such as foil blocking, embossing and monogram seals only add to the tactile, majestic experience.

Packaging Design for Heathcote & Ivory's Xmas Gift range. Image shows Embossed Stamp Detail Which Sits on Top of the Cartons.
Packaging Design for Heathcote & Ivory's Xmas Gift Range. Image Shows Foil Blocking Detail on Illustration Carton.

The full range consisted of more than 15 unique packaging types, including rigid cartons, bespoke folded cartons and executive window boxes that hint at the paradise within.


Compared to Heathcote & Ivory’s previous Christmas ranges, our redesigned suite showed a huge increase in sales. The whole project had the air of resounding success to it. But don’t just take our word for it…

Heathcote & Ivory testimonial image

Lynne Monsell

Senior Project Manager
Heathcote & Ivory

“We always felt part of the process…”

Flipflop Design have worked on several big beauty launches for us, most recently out Christmas concept, which has been a huge success. They consistently answer our design briefs with creative, innovative and inspirational ideas, and execute the artwork projects quickly, calmly and effectively. I can honestly say that Flipflop Design are an absolute delight to be work with. From beginning to end, they work with us and make us feel part of the design process.