Rebranding requires some serious thought, especially for the big boys. New branding is sometimes necessary to bring a brand up to date and reinforce the brand values. But often consumers can have strong reactions – both positive and negative.



Pepsi's new branding
Pepsi have had an enormous amount of bad press resulting from their new branding.

Pepsi’s New Branding

Ive been looking at the new branding for some time now and you know what? I actually don’t hate the new logo, Its airy and modern. However, if you asked me if I think it’s a world class logo and was the new branding successful, I would have to say no. In my opinion the new branding has moved too far away from the original, which was cool and retro. I think perhaps a better execution would have been to give the old branding a face-lift rather than a lobotomy and full body transplant. It is reputed that the new branding cost pepsi several hundred million dollars. At this point I really start to dislike the new branding and wonder how on earth in this day and age can an obscene amount of money like that be qualified for a logo like this.







New branding for Beefeater with pink cow and strap line 'passionate about steak'
New branding for Beefeater

Beefeater Restaurants New Brand Image

Beefeater restaurants new branding is distinctive and fresh. The pink cow is contemporary and sits well with the fat and juicy typography. My only comments would be with the strapline. The Typography seems a little too tight and I’m left wondering why the end of the strap line doesn’t fall in line with the ‘r’ of ‘Beefeater’. The ‘K’ kicks out a smidge too far and doesn’t sit quite right by comparison to the rest of the brand logo. Almost as if it’s an afterthought. But hey I’m just being picky.

Overall however, the new branding is Impressive and greatly improved!








Microsoft’s new branding
Microsoft’s new branding, which has come under much scrutiny.

Microsoft’s New Branding

Having read countless articles about Microsoft’s new branding and its bad press I try really hard to be objective and like the new Logo. But I cant. I really do dislike it no matter how hard I try the words which spring to mind are basic and boring.

It reminds me of a time when brand logos were not deemed so important. But this is Microsoft 2012; I expected something more exciting and distinctive.

By comparison to Apple, who are deemed the design leaders in technology, its just too simple. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Apple arrogance will have its day and now there is at least technology to rival apple and give them a healthy run for their money. But put the new branding against Apple and it doesn’t stack up. Sorry Microsoft but I think a rebrand may be in order soon!

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