If you’re looking for a quirky and clever packaging design to wet your appetite and inspire your creativity, here are 10 of the best. As packaging designers we are always looking for a different angle. Its our job to find a clever package or packaging design solution which will make your product stand out from the competition and engage consumers – we think these interesting and clever packaging designs do just that.

Smart Hair Mask Product Packaging

Smart Hair Mask

Hair care based on antioxidants and vitamins “Smart Hair Mask”. The idea behind this concept is that the product protects and cares for your hair like a cap. I absolutely love, this clever packaging design concept and can see a great range line up based around this. I would be very interested as to the thoughts behind the execution of such packaging i.e substrate and print method to achieve the domed lid. An Innovative and clever packaging design and visually arresting.

Clever Packaging Design of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Scanwood’s CEO wanted to change the packaging to communicate the fact that their products are made through an environmentally friendly process and are of course also made from all natural materials. The printed hanging cards visually convey this message easily and the interesting packaging design enhances the beauty of the wood. The message is clear and its refreshing to see environmentally friendly products packaged in something other than 50 shades of recycled brown.

Student concept packaging for headphones

Head phone Packaging

The ‘note’ earphone packaging is a really creative concept. Its clean, to the point and we love the way this is cleverly packaged to visually communicate the product use. However, we can clearly see problems with the packaging, which is to be expected as this packaging is student concept work and would need refining before hitting the shelf. The most obvious problem being potential product and packaging damage as well as theft. But as a concept it has Legs.

Panasonics more refined clever packaging design

Panasonic goes one better

Panasonic have taken a very similar concept and made it work. Im not entirely sure which of the two packaging concepts came first but I would hate to think Panasonic have stolen the idea from a student concept. Perhaps someone out there can enlighten us? Putting that aside, we can clearly see this innovative packaging is much more functional and commercial than the student work above. The simple fact that the product is enclosed within the packaging acts not only as a deterrent against theft but also instantly promotes this as higher end product. The clear persex is very ‘Apple’ and it would have been nice to see something different but overall, if we hadn’t already seen the above creative packaging (which I suspect was the original) this would hit the mark.

Environmental cardboard carrier for plants

Environmental flower carrier

Perfect! just perfect! About time this problem was tackled. I always feel cheated and a little sad when Ive spent time picking the perfect plant, only to have it unceremoniously shoved into a plastic bag which is pretty usless at protecting your new offspring but very good at tipping soil all over the car! The packaging design is constructed out of one single strip of board. The open sides enable you to check on your purchase and the flat base aids in transportation. As a gift it would not only arrive in one piece but be presented more lovingly, I think this clever packaging design gets a big thumbs up.

Quick Jelly clever packaging design

‘Quick’ Fruit flavoured Jelly – Yummo!

There’s nothing here that particularly breaks the boundaries of the package design itself but I really like the straight forward ‘know what you’re getting’ design. The printed lid, as if sliced right through the fruit helps consumers to identify the product flavour instantly. Its a cute, fun and clever concept packaging design.

Clever Packaging design of Fruitylicious products with fruit shaped closure

‘Fruitylicious’ packaging.

Colourful and quirky packaging design. I love the fruit shaped lock in tabs at the top of the carton. My main reservation with this packaging is it doesn’t clearly convey what the product is straight away. In fact I’m still none the wiser having searched the web for more information.  However, I know a couple of kiddies who wouldn’t actually care what was inside once they saw this interesting packaging design!

Butter with printed wooden knife incorporated

Butter Spoon

Now this really is a unique package design which identifies and solves the problem. The idea here is to package butter in a very convenient single-serve way. Since single serves are usually consumed during travel or picnics, this package includes a wooden spoon lid. The solid spoon is used to spread the butter and does away the need to carry additional cutlery. My only question would be how much does a printed wooden spoon add to the unit cost of a relatively cheap product. Cool, clever and innovative packaging but costly.

Concept construction for new egg box

Nice but does it need fixing?

Love the way this student has thought outside the box. And I would encourage anyone else to do the same but sadly, I dont think the old egg box really needs fixing. The traditional egg box construction dates to 1911 and the structure helps protect the fragile eggs against stresses exerted during transportation and storage by absorbing a lot of the shock. Although this new concept may provide improvements by way of storage and recyclability I don’t think it offers the protection for such a fragile product. However, as clever packaging design goes, it’s innovative and great to see.

Fashion conscience hoses made to look like handbags

Something quite different!

Hoses are not the sexiest things on earth nor the most beautiful objects in your garden. Garden Glory wanted to change all that and designed high-quality hoses, pipes and wall mounts in the best materials and eyecatching colours. Taking inspiration among the iconic bags of Hermés, Chanel and Mulberry Garden Glory have transformed hoses from something necessarily to a conscious design choice, creating something quite different…and I have to say, elegantly desirable!


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