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Win the war for the world’s attention.

The perfect website should be Selfridges on the outside and Argos on the inside. Success comes at the crossroads of beauty and efficiency. There’s no point designing something to within an inch of its life if no one can find what they’re looking for. Just because you can keep adding bells, whistles and scripts, doesn’t mean you should. That’s why our web design and development runs in parallel, to make sure the end user gets what they want, not what someone else wants them to want.

Web design for Adelaie Outdoor Kitchens-home page. Website designed by Flipflop Design, Brighton.
Web design services. Image shows Amber House website homepage. Designed by Web design agency - Flipflop Design, Brighton
Taiko web design home page. Website designed by Flipflop Design, Brighton.

And what does that mean specifically?

We’re happy to pick up any task individually and fix a wheel here or there, but we’d rather check the engine’s running and the chassis’ sound too.

  • Full Design and Development – We relish the opportunity to build a site from scratch. Custom-crafted to meet your sales and conversion goals, feature requirements, and overall brand identity. This gives us a lot of freedom to develop and design the perfect website for your company.
  • Content Management Solutions (CMS) – This is a very modern, ‘light touch’ way of building a site which gives you full control to customise content quickly and easily. All our builds have CMS capabilities, which means you add a new page, photo or blog post any time, anywhere.
  • E-commerce Website Design – Familiarity with the challenges and rigours of e-commerce is essential for any business wanting to sell products online. Our e-commerce designs focus on sales optimisation to help your customers enjoy a quick and seamless buying experience.
  • Responsive Design – With web traffic now predominantly coming through phones and tablets, your website must look just as good and perform just as well on mobile as desktop. That’s why all our designs are optimised for all screen sizes as standard.

Great, but why hire us?

Out website developments combine experience and interface, using years of branding and design expertise to make sure all your site’s clever metrics and widgets purr as well as beat.

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