Hot Pepper Sauce Packaging Design. Three bottles on Old Wooden Table. Designed By Packaging Design Agency Flipflop Design.

More Fire


An independent Caribbean restaurant in London reached out to us to help them package up their famous own-brand scotch bonnet hot sauce for sale in-store and online. Previously it had only been available in the restaurant, and was known ominously as ‘More Fire.’


Everything about More Fire oozes Caribbean lifestyle. From the pride of a secret family recipe to the name itself, which comes from classic sound-system culture to describe anything that’s too hot to handle – from a new reggae dubplate to a spicy dinner plate. We knew our branding and label design had to remain steeped in this heritage to seem genuine to consumers.

More Fire hot Pepper Sauce Logo designed by Flipflop Design Agency
Hot Pepper Sauce Branding Stamped on Old Weathered Wood Background. Designed By Packaging Design Agency Flipflop Design.


We started with the More Fire stamp, which we styled to look almost like a fire-brand; immediately screaming about the heat within. We then built the label around that, redrawing the scotch bonnet peppers themselves to show the natural origins of the fiery sauce.

            We then gave the outer carton a rustic finish, with weathered boards giving the traditional feel of an import from the Caribbean crossing the waters. Then, when you pop the top of the carton, you’re met straight away with a bright splash of red, signaling the lush peppers – and the heat – within

Hot Pepper Sauce Label Design. Crop Shot of Label Design. Created By Packaging Design Agency Flipflop Design.
Hot Pepper Sauce Packaging Design. Image Shows Bottle & Carton on a rustic wooden table with wood background. Designed By Branding & Packaging Design Agency,Flipflop Design.
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