Packaging Design

Designing packaging that gets noticed and remembered.

Successful product packaging catches the attention of consumers and draws their focus away from more established brands nearby. This is achieved with targeted labelling, textural appeal, intuitive functionality, and an instant recognition of how the product will benefit their lives. It also plants that initial vital seed of long-term brand loyalty. This is what your product’s packaging must achieve if you are to meet your sales targets.

Packaging Design for Heathcote & Ivory's Xmas Gift range. Close up crop shot of a shower cream tube and carton design.
Chocolate packaging - Goupie Chocolates. Product line up. Creative design agency - Flipflop Design.
Haircare packaging design for Swell Hair. Packaging design by Flipflop Design Agency.

Our Packaging Design Services

Here at Flipflop Design, we have the experience, means, and passion to help you do just that – and much more – with the following services:

  • Carton Design
  • Structural Design
  • Label Design
  • Printing on different substrates
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Print management
  • Copywriting


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We know what it takes to get a product to market.

We understand what it takes and what it costs to get a product to market and for it to survive its lifecycle. What sets us apart is the technical knowledge of packaging and print we provide, letting us go beyond aesthetics to create a comprehensive design that is both functional and persuasive.

As well as the visual design of carton packaging we focus on:

  • Strength of the carton – how best to support the weight of the products together with material, transportation and handling factors.
  • Structural style of the carton – what the carton’s shape will look like and how this can contribute to functionality, aesthetic appeal, and brand style.
  • Security of the carton – how tamper evidence and seals can best be incorporated into the design to ensure consumer safety.
  • Functionality of the carton – where we consider how the products will be held in place within the packaging.
  • Print and Finishes – how best the graphics will be printed onto the packaging material and the best finishes and trims to complete the look.
  • Costs – finding the most cost effective combinations factoring in packaging types, sizes, materials, manufacturability, printing requirements and more.

Structural Packaging Design

We are focused on more than the printed graphic surface. Our structural design services allow us to develop packaging solutions that are, quite frankly, unlimited in scope.

By integrating graphics with 3D design we can create packaging in any shape, size, material, and structural complexity, from glass bottles and plastic containers to ceramic wares and metal boxes.

During packaging development, we can create 3D visualisations which accurately show every detail needed to form evaluations on cost, time, materials, functionality, branding optimisation and commercial viability.

The skills and technology we possess allow us to push the boundaries of design and provide the perfect packaging for your product. Packaging that grabs the attention of your customers, carries a clear identity, and helps you reach your sales targets.

Flipflop Design – Your creative packaging design agency

We understand good product packaging is a reflection of your brand. Let us help you get your products to market and into your customers’ hands.

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