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Designing the central hub of your online
brand identity.

A great website drives leads, increases sales, and cultivates deeper brand engagement. We understand your websites must accurately reflect the nature and ethos of your company while attracting the right prospects. We care about helping you build a web presence that connects both logically and emotionally with customers. It provides answers to their questions, problems and desires – thereby building trust and making your brand more likeable. Ultimately, a great website gets people spending more money on your products and services.

Web design for Adelaie Outdoor Kitchens-home page. Website designed by Flipflop Design, Brighton.
Web design services. Image shows Amber House website homepage. Designed by Web design agency - Flipflop Design, Brighton
Taiko web design home page. Website designed by Flipflop Design, Brighton.

Our Services

At Flipflop Design, we provide a comprehensive range of web design and development services to help you achieve your desired results.

  • Design and Development – We provide websites built from scratch, custom-crafted to meet your sales and conversion goals, feature requirements, and overall brand identity. This gives us a lot of freedom to develop and design the perfect website for your company.
  • Content Management Solutions (CMS websites) – Take control of your website and add content quickly, easily, and in a variety of different ways. All our websites feature CMS capabilities which allow you to seamlessly create new pages and posts whenever you want to update your website.
  • E-commerce Website Design – We provide a full range of e-commerce design and development features for businesses wanting to sell products online. Our e-commerce website solutions focus on sales optimisation to ensure your customers enjoy a smooth buying experience.
  • Responsive Design – It’s important your website performs well not just on a computer screen but also on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We understand how to incorporate web responsiveness as standard, so you achieve results no matter the screen size.

More than a Web Design Agency

We focus on all aspects of branding, packaging and web design for companies worldwide.

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Why hire Flipflop Design?

We build and develop websites that effectively communicate your company’s brand identity to online audiences. From the website structure and graphics to mobile responsiveness, SEO copywriting, and content management frameworks, we ensure all facets works together collectively and seamlessly.

Our team understands your website only has a few seconds to catch people’s attention and interest. It’s so easy for people to leave with just the gentlest click of a button. Your website’s job is to keep them from clicking away, and instead, to click further into your site, and that’s where we place our focus.

Great web design, together with targeted copywriting, helps achieve this goal, and that’s where our team at Flipflop Design excels. We help our clients reach their goals of increased leads, conversions and sales, with design and copy seamlessly combined.

That cohesive brand image can be the difference between people doing business with you or with your competitors, a few inches away from you in the search results.

Accessible, Intuitive & Responsive Websites.

At Flipflop Design we focus on a combination of creative experience and technological expertise, mixed with a lot of SEO knowledge, to build and design a website perfect for your company’s online requirements. Accessible, intuitive, responsive, brand connected, and above all, high-converting—these are the type of websites we make.

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