Brand Design

Creating a distinct brand identity to separate you from your competition.

Your brand identity should be memorable and accurately represent your company’s philosophy to your target market. It connects emotionally with customers and sets you apart as something special, both online and in the real world. Great branding like this targets the instinctive nature in people. It compels them to pick up your product or dive deeper into what your company can provide. They don’t even know why – they just feel drawn to you.

That’s strong branding at work. We care about helping you rise above your competition, make more sales, increase customer loyalty, and develop further business growth opportunities. And that is what a strong brand identity does.

Brand logo for Saines & Moore. Designed by brand agency - Flipflop Design.
Branding & Package design for Prosmile+ teeth whitening products. Crop shot of Cylindrical rigid cartons with a contemporary, clean design.Lids are crisp white with brand logo and typography. Bases display the primary brand asset, blue flowing lines. Packaging and branding created by Flipflop Design Agency, Brighton
Pet branding & packaging design. Image shows new brand logo. Identity and packaging designed for the brand MILLY & MOLLY by design agency - Flipflop Design Ltd.

Our Brand Design Services

At Flipflop Design, we understand what makes good brand identities great and can help you achieve that by providing the following:

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Voice Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Market Research & Positioning
  • Competitive Landscaping


Why Hire Flipflop?

As a creative brand and packaging agency, we specialise in getting your brand noticed. We provide a full spectrum of brand design and development services to create a brand identity that inspires, persuades and ultimately, makes you more money.

Our team have many years of experience in commercial brand strategy, graphic design, 3D design, web design and development, structural design, copywriting, photography, and sales promotion. We care about helping you develop a powerful brand identity for your company, and this expertise allows us to do that.

A brand that is immediately recognised and liked, and which connects with consumers, propels them to trust your business and see what you provide as the ultimate answer to their needs.

We also understand how to:

  • Develop brand elements that reflect your customers’ attitudes, lifestyles and desires. We help make it more likely they’ll turn into loyal customers, and even fans.
  • Factor in marketing considerations, including where brand identity can shape and guide future marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Create striking brand images that encourage customers to share your content and products via word of mouth and social media.

We do all this and more at Flipflop Design

If your current company brand is not delivering the results and opportunities you need, or if you want your new business to burst on the scene with a bang, then it’s time to invest in strong brand design, creation and implementation.

From the research stage right through to the realisation of a new look, we’ll work closely with you every step of the way.

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